I’ve spent a lot of time reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, while building up the nerve to write something myself. It’s difficult to think of anything that no one has written about before, so I thought “You know what? I’ll talk about myself!”

I’m in my 40s and have led a kind of fucked up life (yes I know it’s swearing but there’s no other way to describe it!) I live with The Bloke, my youngest son and two slightly insane puppies, in a small flat which does us well. After moving 20 times in as many years I’ve had to promise the Bloke’s mum that I won’t move house again (though if I win the lottery all bets are off).

I know the past should stay in the past but I’ll probably share some of it, good therapy I think from what I’ve read on other blogs.

Not exactly an exciting first post, I hope I’ll be more interesting as I get up the nerve to write more. So, if you read this, thank you for finding me.